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Can you download apps from the Play Store illegal movies? And if so, how do these apps and why Google does not delete it? As part of a research on the subject, we also came across the Apps Movie Tube HD and Movies Now Hollywood and have found amazing.

MovieTube APK

Google recognizes everyday apps from the Play Store that violates the guidelines of the app store or where copyright infringements occur. Since it surprised us, of course, why there are apps on Google Play, with which one before the theatrical release in the US or shortly thereafter can this country See Hollywood blockbuster. We researched by the appropriate apps and be published in a later edition of Android users with a detailed report. But already now the collected information are we contributing value.

YouTube makes it possible

Although The Pirate Bay or the stock market are still popular correspondents for all who are looking for free movies, there are now most blockbuster but simply on YouTube stream. Here the films are uploaded and you rely on it that nobody complained to YouTube. So it may happen that a relatively new movie over days or even weeks at YouTube is available before it is objected to (randomly) by someone and will be removed from Google.

Currently watching movies via an Android app or even downloading is easy.

While it is relatively easy for most file-sharing networks to get a search to a particular movie, it takes YouTube a bit more skill. For example, a search for “Hangover 3 Full Movie” more than 140,000 hits. Here to find the full-length film, already takes some patience and skill, especially since there are also some videos that are only a couple of seconds and the video, the preview image or description contain a KurzURL leading to the alleged download. These videos rename course so to be found easily.
The app as a solution

The solution is quite simple. You programmed an app and provides them to Google Play. The app then you feed the data of the movies to upload to YouTube fresh. If the film of Google deleted and a short time later also blocked the YouTube account, just provides the material is dependent on a new account online and refreshes the app data on. This ensures that the user always find the right food in the app. The provider of apps rely on the descriptions of the application on it, only play movies from YouTube, freely available his. But it is quite clear that this is an illegal offer.

Particularly popular films are almost ready in several versions for viewing.

Up to this point of the research, we thought that those apps are hobby projects. But this is not the case. Because over the download and use of Android apps can of course make money, so this is a professional business. We recognize the fact that deleted apps very quickly, but usually on the same day under a different account and a similar name are from Google back online. Sometimes two identical Apps are also set equal. Removes Google one of them, you can reach the people still on the second and so has always at least one app in the Play Store.

Unlike YouTube there on Google Play only a limited number of apps that Movie Tube HD or Movies Now Hollywood call (to here to name just two of many examples). So these apps reach within a week often more than half a million downloads, which then combines with ads already can earn some money. The backers not rely on classic Google ads because Google disbursement of Google Play and YouTube intentionally retains to pay nothing in such cases must. Even in the YouTube videos do not have installed the same reason. For that, you get all sorts of displaying absolute integrity to subscription trap appears, the makers are not picky here.

On 7 October, we noticed that some of the observed by us deleted apps. On October 8, all under slightly amended name were virtually back in the Play Store.

The app programmers even go one step further: Since many movies from YouTube will be deleted within a few weeks, there are separate apps via push notification to inform the users daily, which Blockbuster are just landed on YouTube. About other apps, most YouTube videos can then save on the mobile phone or tablet.

Within a week showed this app more than half a million downloads.
Beware of illegal Apps!

Aside that one makes in Germany with the download of movies that has not been released for download of copyright, punishable stuck in the Apps not infrequently aggressive advertisements or even subscription traps. Even with the Apps with push function, you should be very careful, because in our tests two apps extremely questionable permissions required (disable screen lock, call accounts). There are now with Amazon, Google Play Movies, Watch Ever, and many other online video stores enough offers to legally get to the respective films.

Our research, however , once again demonstrated that Google has no control over the apps in the Play Store . The apps usually have the same name and the code of the apps should be inden table to 99 percent. Nevertheless, it provide the developer easily, repeatedly set new versions. To them provides Google with the combination of the Play Store and YouTube is the ideal platform to illegally distribute movies. Sequel follows…


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